Summer 2016: eat and you belong to us at The Lark Studio Retreat in June.

Sensitive Guys at PlayPenn Conference in July.

MJ will attend Clubbed Thumb Silent Writing Retreat in Texas in August.

Spring 2016: Incubated Artist Residency at University of the Arts to work on eat and you belong to us

January 2016: MJ joins the Emerging Writers Group at the Public Theater and Sagittarius Ponderosa premieres at New Conservatory Theatre Center.

October-December 2015: New Museum Residency continues with study weeks open to the public.

September 2015: World Premiere of  How to Live on Earth. 

New Museum X-ID Rep Residency begins Sept. 20th.

August 2015: Rehearsals for How to Live on Earth with Colt Coeur and Not for Profit at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

July 2015:   Art Farm Residency in Nebraska

Page 73  workshop at Yale School of Drama

June 2015: MJ will develop HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH, a new play, through the second part of an Audrey Residency at New Georges and a Play Hotel reading at Colt Coeur

May 2015: MJ will develop WE SAT IN THE DEATH HOUSE, a collaboration with director Nicole Watson at The Drama League

April 2015: MJ will develop WOLVES EAT ELK at Temple University.

March 2015: MJ will go to UMASS Amherst New Play Lab to workshop SAGITTARIUS PONDEROSA.

MJ’s play SAGITTARIUS PONDEROSA will have a reading at New York Theater workshop on March 23rd.

FEBRUARY 2015: MJ workshops a new play HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH with director Adrienne Campbell-Holt at New Georges as part of the Audrey Residency program.

JANUARY 2015: MJ workshops WOLVES EAT ELK at Brooklyn College with director Keith-Paul Medelis.

MJ and collaborator Nicole Watson are awarded an artist residency at the Drama League to develop their text/movement collaboration WE SAT IN THE DEATH HOUSE.

DECEMBER 2014: MJ develops MURMUR ROCK at Crowded Fire in San Francisco.

NOVEMBER 2014: MJ is a semi-finalist for P73’s 2015 programs.  MJ workshops a new play, WOLVES EAT ELK, at the Art Church of Philadelphia with director Rebecca Wright.

OCTOBER 2014: MJ is chosen for an Audrey Residency at New Georges with collaborator Adrienne Campbell-Holt.


MJ joins The Jam at New Georges, a performance gym for playwrights and directors. 

AUGUST 2014:

MJ’s one-act play YOUR LIVING ROOM IS FULL OF GHOSTS is  produced at the Yale Cabaret Theater.

MJ’s play SAGITTARIUS PONDEROSA is read in Upstream Artists’ Collective summer reading series.

JULY 2014:

MJ’s play MURMUR ROCK received a developmental workshop at the Huntington Theatre directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh.

MAY 2014:

MJ worked with  Clubbed Thumb Writers group The Falcons to create this strange and funny play that moves around the Lower East Side. German tourists and Russian figure skaters galore.  It is being performed on May 27th as part of the opening night festivities for Summerworks Festival.  Directed by Margot Bordelon. Reserve a ticket here.
An American family is determined to have a fun vacation reconnecting with their roots in a small German village but it is hard to have fun when nothing goes as expected.  Two readings of this play coming up in June:
1. June 6th
 3 PM at the Wild Project
as part of the Summerworks festival.
Directed by Anna Brenner
2. June 15th
3 PM at 344 East 14th St.
OPEN festival, Jewish Plays Project.
Directed by Jessi Hill.
You can reserve tickets here.


January 2014: 

MJ’s new play MURMUR ROCK is selected as one of Jewish Play Project’s Top Ten of 2014.

SAGITTARIUS PONDEROSA wins 2014 Global Age Project at Aurora Theater.

December 2013:  

OUTLAW JEAN will be produced by Kutumba Theater in Ft. Lauderdale Florida in 2014!

-MERISM receives a Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant 2013.

November 2013:

MJ’s short play DIARY of  DOUBLE premieres in New Haven!

OUTLAW JEAN opens in Boston and is featured in the Boston Globe.

October 2013:

GAYZE: A Real Live Webseries premiered at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival 2013:

“From its opening monologue delivered in the form of a Craigslist personal ad, it’s clear that Gayze is a zeitgeist-y affair. Following the misadventures of a diverse group of hip, urban twentysomethings, this three-part performance is the kind that makes you want to use “Internet” as an adjective. With its soundtrack of Tegan and Sara, The Smiths and Magnetic Fields to jokes about non-hierarchical meditation retreats and sex-toy joint custody, Gayze manages to both celebrate and lampoon its own unique point of view.”  -Jess Bergman City Paper

May 2013:

Sagittarius Ponderosa opens at the Carlotta Festival of New Plays at Yale University, May 8, 11, 12, & 14.

Here’s an article about the Festival from the New Haven Review.

For MJ Kaufman in Sagittarius Ponderosa, the only thing that’s really sustainable is what he calls “the landscape of constant change.”  Set in central Oregon, Kaufman’s native state, in a landscape dominated by Ponderosa pines, the play depicts three generations of a family coming to grips with various kinds of transformation in the dark time of the year ruled by Sagittarius—late November.

In March 2013, MJ Kaufman was interviewed by Adam Szymkowicz.